Republican Party (Panama) and Back to the Start (album)

The Republican Party (in Spanish: Partido Republicano, PR) is a Panamanian right-wing political party.

Its distant origins lie in the Liberal Renewal Party (PLR) founded in 1932. The PR was created in 1960 by José Dominador Bazán and Max Delvalle and Eric Arturo Delvalle, all of them Jewish and backed by the Jewish business community.

The PR supported the Roberto Francisco Chiari Remón administration in 1960-1964 and the Marco Aurelio Robles administration in 1964-1968. José Dominador Bazán was briefly Vice-President to Arnulfo Arias in his 11-day government of 1968, despite Arias' well-known anti-semitism. The PPR survived the period of suspension under Omar Torrijos (1969-1981) and did not participate in the 1980 balloting.

The PR joined the National Opposition Front (FRENO), a coalition of eight parties, in 1979.

The party was reborn officially on 30 June 1981 with a view to participating in the 1984 elections, though this time the 'Jewish vote' was more widely dispersed. Bazán and the Delvalles were again at its head, and the party was even more clearly allied to the country's wealthy elite, with policies of untrammeled free enterprise and embryonic authoritarianism.

It joined the UNADE coalition behind official candidate Nicolás Ardito Barletta in 1984, winning 2 seats. Eric Arturo Delvalle became First Vice-President, taking over the presidency when Nicolás Ardito Barletta was overthrown by the military on 27 September 1985, but he in turn was ousted on 27 February 1988 when he tried to dismiss Defense Forces chief Gen. Manuel Noriega. He refused to accept the action of the National Assembly in dismissing him from the latter post, and continued to be recognized thereafter as constitutional chief executive by the US government.

The Manuel Noriega’ regime provoked a split in the RP. The PR joined the official COLINA coalition for the 1989 elections, but the majority of the legitimate leadership of the RP participated in the ADOC coalition.

The PR was abolished by the Electoral Tribunal on 1 July 1991.

Back to the Start (album) and Republican Party (Panama)

Back To The Start is the third solo release from Peter Baldrachi. Eleven of the twelve tracks appearing on Back To The Start were released on 2011’s Tomorrow Never Knows in September 2011. However, the record was pulled a few months after its initial release to be remixed by Ed Stasium, (Ramones, Mick Jagger, The Smithereens, Reverend Horton Heat, Nada Surf) in early 2012. An additional track, “Picture On My Wall” which first appeared as a B-side, was also remixed with additional parts added by Stasium (harmonica, guitar, percussion), and included on the album. The record has earned positive reviews from publications such as The Big Takeover, GhettoBlaster magazine, and PowerPopaholic.

The record also features performances by guitarist, bassist, and arranger Gary Rand, keyboardists Dave Lieb (The Vinyl Skyway) and Peter Linnane (The Farewells), backing vocalists Alice Austin (The Lavas, Stark Raving Mad) and Amy Fairchild, keyboardist and 2012 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Ian McLagan (Small Faces, Faces, The Rolling Stones, Billy Bragg), singer/songwriter Amy Rigby (solo, Wreckless Eric), multi-instrumentalist Ian Kennedy (Reverse, Dennis Brennan), and cellist Aristides Rivas.

Back To The Start was recorded at Kissy Pig Studios by K.R. Mogenson, and mixed and mastered by Ed Stasium at The Kozy Tone Ranch.

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Track listing

All songs written and composed by Baldrachi/Rand except tracks 7, 11, 12 by Baldrachi.  Personnel Peter Baldrachi – lead vocals, drums, percussion, piano, backing vocals Gary Rand – electric & acoustic guitars, lead guitar, bass, vibes, piano, backing vocals Dave Lieb – Wurlitzer and Hammond B3; piano on “Pray For Rain” Amy Fairchild – backing vocals (tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9) Alice Austin – backing vocals (tracks 4, 7, 10, 12) Ian McLagan – Wurlitzer and Hammond B3 on “Now For Good” Amy Rigby – vocals on “Promise Me A New Start” Ian Kennedy – mandolin and violin on “Pick Up The Pieces” Aristides Rivas – cello on “Lose It All” and “Release Me” Peter Linnane – piano on “Pick Up The Pieces”; piano and Hammond B3 on “Release Me” Ed Stasium – electric guitar, harmonica, and M3000 HD Mellotron for iPad Production notes Produced by Peter Baldrachi and Gary Rand except track 2, 6, 8 and 9 produced by Peter Baldrachi, Gary Rand and Ed Stasium Recorded at Kissy Pig Studios, Allston, MA May 2009-June 2011 Engineered by K.R. Mogenson Mixed and Mastered by Ed Stasium at The Kozy Tone Ranch, Durango, CO February 2012 Edited by Corbin Smith
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