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Blended (film) and MSWLogo

Blended is a 2014 American romanic adventure comedy film directed by Frank Coraci and written by Ivan Menchell and Clare Sera. Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore with an ensemble cast featuring Bella Thorne, Emma Fuhrmann, Terry Crews, Joel McHale, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Kevin Nealon, and Shaquille O'Neal, the film was released on May 23, 2014.

Blended marked the third romantic comedy collaboration between Sandler and Barrymore, following The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates. Coraci also previously directed Sandler and Barrymore in The Wedding Singer. It also marked Sandler's first role in a Warner Bros. film.

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Lauren Reynolds (Drew Barrymore), who has two sons, Brendan (Braxton Beckham) and Tyler (Kyle Red Silverstein), meets Jim Friedman (Adam Sandler), a widower with three daughters, Larry (Bella Thorne), Espn (Emma Fuhrmann), and Lou (Alyvia Alyn Lind) on a blind date. The date ends in disaster due to conflict between Jim's clumsy and careless attitude and Lauren's perfectionist nature.

Later, Jim and Lauren run into each other at a pharmacy. Afterwards, Jim realizes that their credit cards were mixed up and goes to Lauren's house. There, he and Lauren learn that Lauren's friend Jen (Wendi McLendon-Covey) has broken up with her boyfriend Dick (Dan Patrick), who happens to be Jim's boss, over his having kids, and that they will no longer be going on a planned African vacation together. Unbeknownst to each other, Jim and Lauren both arrange to go on the pre-booked vacation with their families. When they arrive in Africa the two families are surprised to see each other. Things get more awkward when Jim and Lauren are given a romantic suite.

The families are put together for a "blended familymoon", where they get together with other couples, including the oversexed Eddy (Kevin Nealon) and Ginger (Jessica Lowe), as well as Eddy's teenage son Jake (Zak Henri), who Hilary develops a crush on at first sight.

The kids make an awkward impression with each other, with Brendan calling his mom "hot," and the others not knowing how to react to Espn acting like her mom is there with her. Over time, they begin to bond with each other and each other's parents.

Jim makes the boys happy by helping them with adventurous sports, while Lauren takes care of the girls, and helps Hilary to change her tomboy look into a more feminine one. Jim and Lauren warm up to each other as time passes. They inadvertently get together for a couples massage and have fun with each other.

On the last night of the trip, Lauren puts on a beautiful black dress that she admired earlier. She wears it that evening and receives admiration from everyone. While the children are pulled away for a kids-only buffet, Jim and Lauren are sat down for a romantic dinner, which Lauren soon discovers was actually planned by Jim specifically for her. They chat briefly about basic parenting techniques and then pull in for a kiss; however, at the last second, Jim pulls away, apologizing and explaining that he "can't do it".

After returning home, Jim realizes he misses Lauren and that he's fallen in love with her. Although Espn is not fully ready to move on from her mother's passing, she also doesn't want her dad to lose Lauren. At the kids' behest, Jim goes to Lauren's house to give her flowers, only to find Mark there, pretending to be back with Lauren. Tyler gets excited to see Jim and wants to play ball, but Jim sadly leaves and Mark bails on his son again. Mark later tries to make a move on Lauren, but she refuses since he has continuously failed to be a good father, as well as having an affair with his receptionist during their marriage.

That following Saturday, Lauren and Brendan go to support Tyler at his game, along with Jen, Dick, who Jen has worked things out with, and his kids. Mark, once again, is a no-show. Jim and his daughters arrive to show encouragement, inspiring Tyler to hit the ball. Jim then finds Lauren and they admit to wanting to be together, and they finally kiss, to the happiness of their kids. Cast Adam Sandler as Jim Friedman Drew Barrymore as Lauren Reynolds Bella Thorne as Hilary "Larry" Friedman Emma Fuhrmann as Espn Friedman Braxton Beckham as Brendan Reynolds Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lou Friedman Kyle Red Silverstein as Tyler Reynolds Shaquille O'Neal as Doug Terry Crews as Nickens Abdoulaye N'Gom as Mfana Joel McHale as Mark Wendi McLendon-Covey as Jen Kevin Nealon as Eddy Jessica Lowe as Ginger Zak Henri as Jake Dan Patrick as Dick Lauren Lapkus as Tracy Alexis Arquette as Georgina (A reference to 'George' from The Wedding Singer) Allen Covert as 220 Tom (A reference to '10 Second Tom' from 50 First Dates) Mary Pat Gleason as Pharmacy cashier Dale Steyn as Himself Production

Wendi McLendon-Covey joined the cast of the film on July 31, 2013; she played Barrymore's character's best friend, who has no children. Chelsea Handler was previously cast in this role. On July 31, 2013, Warner Bros. changed the title from Blended to The Familymoon, before reverting to its original title later that year. Filming

Principal photography for Blended took place in Sun City, South Africa; some scenes were filmed near Lake Lanier, Buford, and Gainesville in Georgia, USA. Warner Bros. co-produced the film with Happy Madison Productions. Release

The film was distributed by Warner Bros. and was released theatrically on May 23, 2014. Reception

Blended received mostly negative reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a 14% rating based on 126 critics, with the consensus: "Lurching between slapstick and schmaltz without showing much of a commitment to either, Blended commits the rare Sandler sin of provoking little more than boredom." On Metacritic, the film has a score of 31 out of 100, based on 32 reviews, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews".

A. O. Scott, chief film critic for The New York Times, complained about the film's "retrograde gender politics; its delight in the humiliation of children; its sentimental hypocrisy about male behavior; its quasi-zoological depiction of Africans as servile, dancing, drum-playing simpletons" and concluded "Parents strongly cautioned. It will make your children stupid."

Hitfix declared Blended is “ Adam Sandler's Worst !" Christy Lemire defiantly gave the movie 1.5 stars and stated that while this wasn’t Sandler’s best performance, "That actor is in there, somewhere. Perhaps Sandler will actually challenge himself again one of these days and set him free." The National '​s Jocelyn Noveck said, “To say that the new Adam Sandler movie is better than some of his other recent work isn’t saying much” and gave the movie a single star. Box office

Blended grossed $14,284,031 in its opening weekend, finishing in third at the box office behind X-Men: Days of Future Past and Godzilla. Blended is considered to be “one of Adam Sandler’s Worst-Ever Openings" by Cinema Blend and Grantland suggested that it may have “blown up the Adam Sandler empire” with its lackluster opening and contrived content.".

As of July 28, 2014, the film has grossed $46,219,290 in North America and roughly $77,200,000 in other territories for a total gross of roughly $123,419,290.
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