Kastsyukovichy and New York State Route 368

Kastsyukovichy (Belarusian: Касцюковічы; Russian: Костюковичи) is a town in Mogilev Region, Eastern Belarus. It is located in the east of the Region, close to the border with Russia, and serves as the administrative center of Kastsyukovichy Raion. As of 2009, its population was 15,993.

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Kastsyukovichy was first mentioned in a chronicle in 1508. It belonged to Poland, and in 1772, as a result of the First Partition of Poland, it was transferred to Russia. In the middle of the 19th century it had a population of 1700 and was the administrative center of Kostyukovichskaya Volost of Klimovichsky Uyezd, Mogilev Governorate. In 1919, Mogilev Governorate was abolished, and Kastsyukovichy was transferred to Gomel Governorate. On July 17, 1924 the governorate was abolished, and Kastsyukovichy became the administrative center of Kastsyukovichy Raion, which belonged to Kalinin Okrug of Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. In July, 1927, Kalinin Okrug was abolished, and Kastsyukovichy was transferred into Mogilev Okrug. On January 15, 1938 the raion was transferred to Mogilev Region. In 1938, Kastsyukovichy was granted the town status. During the Second World War, the town was occupied by German troops and severely damaged. In 1986, it was considerably affected by the Chernobyl disaster. Economy Industry

In Kastsyukovichy, there is a cement plant, as well as several enterprises of food industry, including alcohol production. Transportation

Kastsyukovichy has a railway station on the railroad connecting Orsha with Unecha via Krychaw. South of the town, the railroad crosses the state border and enters Russian Federation.

The town is well served by roads. One road connects it to Klimavichy on the north and eventually to the highway connecting Roslavl in Russia with Bobruysk. Another one crosses the border and runs to Surazh. Culture and recreation

In Kastsyukovichy, some buildings survived from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. There is a Jewish cemetery. The Church of the Erection of the Cross was built in the 1990s.

New York State Route 368 and Kastsyukovichy

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New York State Route 368 (NY 368) was a state highway in Onondaga County, New York, in the United States. It was one of the shortest routes in the county, extending for only 1.69 miles (2.72 km) between NY 321 and NY 5 in the town of Elbridge. NY 368 was known as Halfway Road for the hamlet it served near its midpoint. The route was assigned in the 1930s and removed in 1980 as part of a highway maintenance swap between the state of New York and Onondaga County.

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Route description 2008 photo of CR 107 (former NY 368)

NY 368 began at an intersection with NY 321 adjacent to the Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery in the town of Elbridge. The route headed north as Halfway Road, passing by farmland as it headed through a rural area of Onondaga County to the small hamlet of Halfway. Here, NY 368 served a small number of homes as it crossed a Conrail railroad line (now part of the Finger Lakes Railway) at the center of the community. Outside of Halfway, the route turned to the northwest toward the village of Elbridge, avoiding a marshy area directly north of Halfway. It intersected with Lynch Road and Campbell Road before turning slightly northward and following Carpenter's Brook through another undeveloped area to an intersection with NY 5 east of the village, where NY 368 ended. History

NY 368 was assigned in the 1930s as a connector between NY 321 and NY 5 in the town of Elbridge by way of the hamlet of Halfway. It remained unchanged until April 1, 1980, when ownership and maintenance of the route was transferred from the state of New York to Onondaga County as part of a highway maintenance swap between the two levels of government. The county also assumed ownership and maintenance of the Onondaga County portion of NY 31B as part of the exchange. NY 368 was redesignated as County Route 107 (CR 107) following the swap. Major intersections

The entire route was in Elbridge, Onondaga County. See also List of county routes in Onondaga County, New York
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