Baxter (film) and Wildstar (DC Comics)

For the 2005 comedy film, see The Baxter.

Baxter is a 1989 French horror film directed by Jérôme Boivin. The film is based on the novel Hell Hound (1977) by Ken Greenhall. The title character is a murderous white Bull Terrier who tells the story of his search for a proper master in voice-over narration.

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Baxter, a bull terrier, is taken from the pens and given to an old woman. Baxter hates the old woman’s bland lifestyle and reacts to her habits with disgust. In contrast, he becomes obsessed with the young couple across the street as he observes their nightly lovemaking sessions. Baxter attempts to communicate his dominance over the old woman by causing her to stumble, but his plan backfires. The old woman’s condition deteriorates, and ultimately Baxter kills her in order to be adopted by the young couple.

Baxter enjoys his life with the young couple, splitting his time between the sensual woman and the earthy man. He brings them dead animals in an attempt to show them who he is. His idyll is broken when the couple has a baby and begins to neglect him. Baxter hates the weak and helpless child. He attempts to kill it, but his plans again backfire. Ignorant of Baxter’s murderous intentions, the couple gives Baxter to a neighborhood boy.

Baxter thrills under the firm hand of his new master, a budding sociopath and Hitler fanatic. The boy begins to see a girl from his school who reminds him of Eva Braun. Baxter impregnates the girl’s spaniel, though his own sexuality disgusts him. Later Baxter kills a stray dog to show the boy who he is, and Baxter believes that they come to a mutual understanding. When the boy commands Baxter to kill a classmate, Baxter refuses and realizes that the boy does not understand him after all.

The girl’s spaniel gives birth to puppies, and Baxter reacts to them with mixed emotions. In an attempt to emulate the final days of Hitler, the boy kills the puppies. In reaction, Baxter decides that the boy must die. The boy attacks first, but Baxter manages to gain the upper hand. When the boy commands him to heel, Baxter finds that he cannot disobey, allowing the boy to kill him. Later, the boy breaks into the old lady’s abandoned house and observes the young couple across the street. In a monologue echoing Baxter’s, the boy plans to kill his parents and be adopted by the couple. Cast Lise Delamare as Madame Deville Maxime Leroux as Baxter's voice Catherine Ferran as Florence Jacques Spiesser as Michel Ferrer Jean Mercure as Monsieur Cuzzo Jean-Paul Roussillon as Joseph Barsky Sabrina Leurquin as Noelle Daniel Rialet as Jean Evelyne Didi as Marie Cuzzo Rémy Carpenter as Roger Morel Jany Gastaldi as Anne Ferrer Reception

Baxter received an 83% 'fresh' rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film has been cited as a favorite by filmmaker John Waters, who presented it as his annual selection for the 2001 Maryland Film Festival.

Baxter was the featured film of episode four of the here! original series John Waters Presents Movies That Will Corrupt You.

Wildstar (DC Comics) and Baxter (film)

Wildstar is a fictional superheroine in comic books published by DC Comics. She is the 21st century ancestor of Dawnstar of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Her powers are a combination of Dawnstar and Wildfire.

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Fictional character biography

Wildstar was born on the planet Starhaven a planet colonized by people of Anasazi Indian heritage from Earth. The Anasazi tribe was abducted by the Athranian genetic engineers, who hoped to use them as test subjects. However, the Athranians were overthrown by Spider Guild. The Anasazi tribe were left to their own devices. The genetic experiments endow them with wings and the ability to survive in space without oxygen or protection from the rigours of space.

Wildstar was born a mutant of her people as she had the innate tracking ability, which manifested itself as the knack to find anyone in her village and see hidden things. However, she was also born with deformed wings, which led to her being shunned by her tribe. Mocked and ignored by her peers, she lived alone.

Some time around the Final Crisis, Vril Dox came to Starhaven seeking a volunteer for his second R.E.B.E.L.S. team to combat L.E.G.I.O.N.. The chief, Chief Night Sky seeing a way to rid himself of a nuisance, sent the old woman out with the alien. Vril Dox saw great potential in her power for tracking people. Vril Dox promised her that if she comes with him and joins the team he will give her the power of flight. Wildstar with this knowledge agrees to go with the strange visitor.

Subsequently, Vril Dox kept his promise, but not exactly in the way Wildstar expected. He strapped her into a machine and turned her into an anti-energy being similar to Wildfire and placed her in a containment suit which gave her the power of flight as well as powerful anti-energy blasts from her visor.

They go to the planet Cairn, where L.E.G.I.O.N. has driven off Garv and Garryn Bek, but Strata and Bounder still fight on. They recruit them both on to the team and begin their investigation into Starro. Powers and abilities

Wildstar and the other Starhavenites are genetically altered humans that receive great gifts. Vril Dox II turned her into an anti-energy being similar to Wildfire and placed her in a containment suit.She is now able to produce powerful anti-energy blasts from her visor. In her anti-energy form she is finally able to fly. The anti-energy is channelled out her back allowing her to construct large wings. She can survive in deep space for long periods of time without a spacesuit or oxygen. Wildstar is a master tracker and can track life forms and objects across light years of distance and through interstellar space. She can even use this ability while unconscious, asleep, under mind control, intoxicated and sensory blinded. Weakness

Starhavenites and other Starhavenites normally have pairs of large, white-feathered wings that grow out of their upper backs, the result of genetic engineering. Hers were born small and deformed causing her to be an outcast. Equipment

Wildstar must wear a containment suit at all time due to her anti-energy form. The suit allows her to channel the energy into wing like constructs and the visor helps her focus the energy in to a concussive blast.
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